Market News Vol. 1 Ch. 1

Alison Dean

Oh hay!

Welcome to my new website! I've been working hard on prepping for Girl Tribe Pop Up and getting this up and running and have been slacking on the social media side of things so thanks for sticking around.  Having it all together is impossible.  Now that I can finally breathe again after an amazing weekend with Girl Tribe I can focus on the website.  This new website will have a mix of handmade and retail including tees, jewelry, accessories and gifts.

As far as this blog goes... I don't know exactly how it will be used.  Maybe bachelor and housewife recaps, secret sales and discount codes, random things I think are funny.  Probably some BTS of the goings on around here and some tips and tricks... ways to save money on your wedding for example?  Not sure.  I can tell you for sure that it won't always be grammatically or politically correct so there is your trigger warning.

So check back frequently! There will always be new stuff arriving!



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